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Updated April, 2014

and PGCH Diamond   ****.
and can now ship Internationally for Red Diamond.

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See calves born from AI at bottom of page


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I offer deilvery. You jjust need your address so I can calculate the time and mileage.

We also sell zebu semen for those who do not want to purchase a bull.
Photos are below.

If you want the entire herd of 1 black and white paint bull, two black and white paint heifers, and 2 black cows,
you can have an incredible discount. Individually, they are  $22,500.00.
I will sell all 3 black and white paints  (one bull and 2 heifers) for
and I will give you the two black cows at no charge.

Cows / Heifers and BULL calves

Either one of these Black and White paints are only $4500
or  you can purchase the entire herd for only $7500

Below is a small bull calf that is available.
He is only $4500

Below is the bull today



Straws Available

We do have few straws from Blue Berry available @ $25 each.

Straws from this bull can be purchased in any amount.
Shipping of the straws is about $90 but that also includes
return postage for the nitrogen tank.

Lazy N Blueberry36 straws left

He is a very colorful bull, and might add some very loud paints to your herd.
Blueberry is 38 inches tall, so needs to be bred to some larger cows.  
He would be perfect for some red, blacks,  brindles,
and even gray to get  some paint calves.
This bull has excellent breed character, lots of body capacity,
lots of color, and what an awesome hump.

Blueberry is truly exotic looking and should put that exotic zebu look
into his calves.
This bull has a perfect coffin head and the slanted zebu eyes.
He is very angular  in the rear, and has an excellent 
hind quarter with the muscling of a mature bull .
This colorful paint bull should add color into a herd of suitable cows.

Many straws have been sold to ranchers who want to put some of the
hardiness and vigor of the zebus into their non-zebu calves.
One breeder who has Belgian Blues and wants to try to create a miniature,
and more beefy animal with possibly less birthing problems
than the Belgian Blues sometimes have.

Straws from this colorful bull can now be purchased in any quantity
with no minimum required @$25 each.

Pedigree is below
Blueberry's parents are: Sire- Reynolds Samson  and Dam is 758 Boihil
and those animals were from Reynolds Sam  and Samantha,
and also  RCP Red Sam  in the background. So the red color is there.




BULL Straws available
International shipping is available on two of our Champion bulls
@ $25 for shipment in the US &
each for international shipments.

Straws Available
PGCH (Permanent Grand Champion)
Diamond of Munchranch

He has about 100 straws available
@ $25 for shipment in the US & $50 each for International shipments.*Shipping to Australia is $100 each straw, or you can
contact me for a peson in AU who may have straws available.
Red Diamond has straws available @ $25
each US shipping.
90 straws available for US shipping,
and 194 left for international shipping
@ $50 each

PGCH (Permanent Grand Champion)
KSK Diamond of Munchranch


This is the first AI calf out of PGCH Diamond, named Lucky Farms Remington
Owned by Matt Loudenbeck, Lucky Farms LLC in Clinton, WI


We have another new, beautiful zebu calf born
using AI with Munchranch Red Diamond.
Straws were shipped and successfully implanted,
The results are awesome.

This calf is owned by Rob and Tracy Francis.


These heifers are available. This one is $2500
DOB 2010


This black cow is $2500 as well.
DOB 2006

Either one of these Black and White paints are only $4500

Sarah, & Jerry Rummel, and vet, Dr. Danielle Straatmann, from Colorado,
with the first AI produced AMZA zebu out of Munchranch's Blueberry.



Photos below show the red and black, as well as the paint and other zebus at MunchRanch.


The speckled brindle heifer calf on the left is out of Blueberry.     Blueberry's straws (semen) are still available.  

1   4

The red and white speckled heifer calf on the right is out of  PGCH Diamond and he also has straws available.

All the zebu at MunchRanh are AMZA registered, Foundation Pure.

5  colors

The picture at the right shows an albino wallaby with the calves about 6 months old.

Photo taken at Bernie and Chris Keasler's farm, Crookstar Ranch.

Zebus for sale at
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