MunchRanch no longer raises Servals,
but we do have the Hypoallergenic*  Siberian Cat from Russia.


If yIou want something different, we have Hypoallergenic Russian Siberian kittens,

These cats have lower levels of the protien (cat dander) in the saliva
that make people have an allergic reaction when they are around cats in general.
The Siberian cats are the answer to many families that want a kitten as a pet.
Since allergic families cannot adopt shelter kittens, the Siberian choice will not keep them from being adopted out. 

The Siberian cat has wonderful personality, and is considered to be dog like in its personality and loyalty.
Thye are not for everyone, but the vast majorithy of my customers have been able to keep their kitten and had no reaction to this breed of cat.

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We no longer sell wallabies, but DO sell the book by David McCauley.
It is a must have if you want to successfully raise these animals.
It has over 400 pages of easy to understand information,
and your veterinarian will need it
if your pet has to visit the vet for any reason.

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