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Below are red fronted yellow turquoisines.
These are Australian Grass parakeets.


turquoisine     turquoisine

Last updated June '12

Below is a young Opaline red fronted male Turquoisine. (Not for sale.)


Below is a pair of  Turquoisines. The male is a full red fronted turquoisine with an opaline red fronted olive female.
This pair is not for sale.


*Normal Turquoisines $350 a pair when available.      Splits are the same price.         NONE Available .

* Yellow
Turquoisines None Available.


*Orange-bellied Normal Turquoisines None Available
* Yellow orange bellied Turquoisines None available


The price does not include any shipping or crate charges.

For small birds only : Shipping with Continental,$125, or Delta Dash is $175
unless the airline fees have gone up at the time. But you will have an opportunity to decline if thats the case.
Chicken shipping is higher and prices are shown above.
With Delta, it is per shipment, and with the other airlines it is per crate.
This is assuming that the airlines of choice services your airport and there are no temperature restrictions.
Only Continental will ship above 85 degrees and in some cases, Delta will if the airport is on the Pet Safe program.



Yellow Turquoisine male


Yellow Turquoisine female

Rare, Full Red Fronted Yellow male turquoisine.
None available. None for sale

Below or normal turquoisine males.

We accept Credit Cards through PayPal
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Please include the cost of shipping in the total
price of the purchase when using PayPal.
This does not apply if you are picking up the birds.

Taxes or paypal fees are automatically added.


<----- Click on the PayPal link to make a deposit, to make payments,
or to purchase an animal.

PayPal accepts credit cards.

To see other animals at MunchRanch, choose one of the pictures below.
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We no longer sell wallabies, but DO sell the book
by David McCauley.
It is a must have if you want to successfully
raise these animals.
It has over 400 pages of easy to understand
information, and your veterinarian will need it
if your pet has to visit the vet for any reason.

Click here to view the book and/or make a purchase.

Below are the Kune Kune miniature pigs.

** New **
Miniature Pigs, called Kune Kune pigs,
and the tiny Micro Pigs
Click here to see or purchase
one of these unusual pets.



Miniature Zebu Cattle



Below are some quicklinks to the animals that we may have for sale.

For Sale siberian Siberian Cats

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